Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Good times...

Things are good with me at the moment. I'm happy and lessed stressed about my job situation. We've even booked in to see a couple of mortgage brokers next week to discuss our situation and see what our options are, so looks as though that my change in job may not necessarily change the timing of our plans. It's exciting because we're looking to upsize our mortgage and buy a house. And then hopefully in the next year or so, I'm hoping that my husband and I will think about starting a family... I was sad that my redundancy could of potentially pushed back all my life plans.. but now the future looks on track and bright again.

I'm not stressed out about eating and my weight at the moment. I'm working out for around 4-5 hours / week , getting my HR up, sweating, working out hard, eating well - not excessively, and the band is working with me. I'm enjoying a great range of foods, small portions and stopping when I'm full. I'm loving a whole heap of salads and veges at the moment which I just love. I don't care what the scales say to be honest. I feel good.. not necessarily thinner, just better. And that's the main thing right?

Exercise is great at the moment too. I'm pain free with my back so enjoying some jogging on the treadmill, doing my boxing class and getting in 2-3 spin classes/week as well. Feeling energetic and strong.

Things are good right now. I hope they stay that way for a while!!

hope all is well in your world!

LBG xx


Lee said...

Congratulations about the job. I can't believe the excercise hours you put in. Leave me for dead. Have an op date now so April 3 here I come. Two more meals left before Optifast starts on Friday so I better make the most of it. I hate Optifast!

How exciting thinking about mortgage and babies. Let the baby plans be a big motivater for you. The lighter you are the safer the preganancy etc and the more fertile you become! Goodluck when the job starts.

GF said...

Glad to hear that your plans will be working out in your favor and you won't have to postpone as you thought.

Good for you on the feeling good and letting your body dictate your needs.

Keep it up!