Thursday, October 9, 2008

Shopping Spree!

The weekend before last I thew out around $2000 worth of clothes that were just rediculously too big for me. I tried on stuff and my husband said I looked like I was a little girl wearing my Mum's clothes. So last weekend I told my husband that I needed to replace the clothes that I had thrown out. So off we toddled to the shopping mall where I picked out 3 lovely dresses from Jacquie E - 2 of which I can wear for work, and 1 dress which is more of a going out to the races or a wedding sort of dress. Then we were in target and I came out with 2 pairs of pants (size 14) and 2 tops for work. Score!

While it definitely didn't make up for the amount of clothes I threw away earlier... it's a start. And now I get to build my wardrobe gradually for summer! Have already worn one dress to work and people have commented!

Oh yeah, I have also bought some of those "sucky-in" pants, you know.. the ones that go up to your bra line that really hold everything in. I feel like I'm cheating in a way, because those pants really have changed my shape. I am a dress size smaller when I wear those pants. My loose skin on my stomach is getting more and more noticable and I feel more toned when I wear them... but I feel like I'm not my "true" self when I wear them, like I'm cheating!


Anyway. Have a great day. 1 more day until the weekend.. YAY!

LBG xx


Tracey said...

No way is it cheating. We don't call wearing a bra cheating do we? If I didn't wear a bra, I swear, I would be tucking my titties into the top of my pants!

You go girl, I can't wait until I can fit into size 14 pants again. Woohoo, and I am gunna buy several pairs of shape


Tracey said...

oh, and also, do you have pictures anywhere? I would love to see the transformation...I understand if they are private.


BigGurlURBeautiful said...

All i can say is YOU GO GURL!!! it must feel fabulous to get rid of the fat clothes and cleanse your waredrobe... Crista xo

Nola said...

I would have to tuck my tits into my socks!!!!! lol Must feel great to be buying clothes in these sizes...well done!

Melanie said...

Please share the brand etc of the sucky in pants - I need to get some to hold in tummy tyre in a formal outfit I need to wear next week. Thanks - Mel

Cat McKenzie said...

LOL! No way are those pants cheating. I can't wait until I feel so good in something that I want to wear them to look even better.

And congrats on the shopping spree and the smaller sized clothes! That's awesome.


mjwdec73 said...

Shopping spree sounds fun!! What a gorgeous husband you have too