Friday, October 31, 2008

People notice..

I was eating lunch yesterday with some colleagues from work. Lunch consisted of the tiny can of spaghetti, 1 slice of bergen soy and linseed bread and a slice of cheese on the bread. I got through half the slice of bread and cheese and most of the spaghetti and then I was full full full. We were talking about eating, and one colleague said to me: "I've watched you a few times when you eat and you really take your time with your meal." To which I smiled and said "I'm just taking my time so I don't have to go back to my desk!". Interesting that people are so observant about my eating style!

Yesterday evening was one of those "I can't get full" evenings. I made a country chicken dish, with extra veges and rice. While I could feel the restriction when I ate, I was hungry half an hour later. So I had another helping. Now, bare in mind that my "helping" was one tablespoon of rice and some sauce with chicken and vege. I wasn't even drinking with my meal! Yet this morning, I've had my Celebrity Slim shake and I'm full... Strange..

And I couldn't satisfy my sweet tooth last night! I had 4 (yes count them... 4) freddo frogs AND a scoop of lemon lime sorbet... I could have done alot more damage if I hadn't of been banded.. but still... it was particularly frustrating. I think it's because I've been having a scoop of icecream after each meal during the week. And so I may have gotten used to having something sweet after dinner.. will have to put a stop to that.

This weekend I've got an engagement party to go to, as well as a farewell lunch/drinks. The engagement party will probably be nibbles, so no probs there, but lunch may be a bit trickier to negotiate.

Have a great weekend peoples!

LBG xx


Nola said...

Try a chupa chup for a sweet hit. They take ages to eat and are only 1 WW point! That is strange when the shake fills you up but the solid meal doesn't so much? These bands are weird sometimes!

mjwdec73 said...

Have a great weekend - enjoy the socialising!!