Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Foods that fill you up!

Having fill taken out has really changed my way of thinking with food. Before, when I was super restricted, I could rely on the band more to make me stop when I'd only had a couple of mouthfuls. Now that I can eat more because I've got less restriction, I'm trying to choose foods that fill me up. I love the fact that I can eat more veges and fruit, including things like celery, apples, grapes and all that other good stuff. So I've filled my lunchbox with all things good. Today I'm having a can of tuna mixed in with some mayo, onion and tomato on vita wheat for lunch, breakky will be a celebrity slim with extra berries (for some antioxidate action), morning tea is 3 celery sticks with philly and afternoon tea is an apple and some low fat yoghurt. Tonight I'm having potato and leek soup, which I make from scratch so I can control the fat content, although I am lacking a bit on the protein side for dinner I might have to add some chicken as well.

I must also tell you that my exercise since having fill out over 1 month ago has been superb. I have been to the gym 5 days per week for the past 5 weeks, something I said I was going to do while my fill level was reduced. Today was no exception, and I did a hardcore spin class at 6:15am!! Go Me!

I can't wait to have my fill put back in.. Bring on 22nd October!!!... 15 days to go!!

Happy Tuesday peoples!

LBG xx


Diz said...

Yum...sounds delish! Great job on the exercise!

Bridget said...

Well done with the exercise!! Isn't it great when you keep your own word!

Nola said...

Sounds like it is all coming together for you! Fantastic day's choice of foods and nice and varied. Good exercise...everything!!

Cat McKenzie said...

Good work on the exercise, that's awesome. You are doing so well.

All that food sounds delish. My mouth is watering. Hmm...philly mixed with hot taco sauce and eaten with carrot sticks. Yowza!