Tuesday, February 27, 2007

First Fill Soon!!

I am so hanging out for my first fill. While I'm not eating nearly the same sized portions as I used to, I'm kinda feeling a little frustrated with how much I can eat at the moment. I must admit, I am definitely feeling a different kind of fullness, it's like I can feel food piling up if I get too full.

I've realised that this is definitely a mental challenge for me also. I went to a buffet dinner on the weekend, piled my plate with food, and ate only a quarter of it. I REALLY wanted to eat more, and as much as I tried, I got to the stage where one more mouthful would have been enough to make me feel sick and possibly throw up, yet in my mind I was sooooo disappointed that I couldn't eat anymore!! Strange eh? I'm also not chewing my food as well as I should, and really should get into that habit before I get my first (and subsequent) fills if I don't want to get anything stuck. It's almost like I don't have a band in at all!!!

I am back to my level of fitness before having the surgery, which I am really pleased about. last night I did a spin class and an aqua aerobics class back to back and felt great. Tonight I'm off to do a cardio session at the gym, Thursday I'm going to do a step class and Saturday will be another spin class.

I have a dietitian's appointment on Thursday, for more information on Soft food and transition eating (whatever that is!!). I'm not looking forward to jumping on the scales, as I don't think I would have lost anything since last visit. I know they say that the point of the first few weeks is for healing, but when you go to such an extreme to lose weight (like having surgery) you expect a bit more from yourself. By the end of march I would of had 3 fills... so hopefully I'll be losing weight steadily by then.

Happy losing everyone!!!

LBG xx

P.S A big hello to Veronica who stumbled across my blog and left a comment. Good luck for your first appointment next month!!! Keep in touch and let me know how you do!! :)

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