Thursday, February 8, 2007

Day 6 Post Op

Feeling great today! I have just got back from the gym, after doing 30 mins non stop on the bike. I was even able to lie on my tummy last night (al biet for a little while), it felt so good to lie in another position other than my tummy.

I think my stomach is getting close to being completely back to normal as I'm finding that I am needing bigger portions to fill me up now. In saying that, I've now lost a total of -3.1kg since the operation. Yay!!!

I have my first dietitians appointment on 15th February at 2pm. I'm looking forward to getting some advice on food and the band. I'm sure I'll come away with loads of interesting information. I have started eating more pureed thicker foods though. I know I'm only supposed to be on liquids for the first 2 weeks, but I feel ready to move on to thicker foods. I'm taking things very slowly, only having the smallest mouthfulls and chewing very very well before swallowing.

I'm a bit paranoid that my band has slipped already, but I think that's just me being stupid *lol*

Take care!

LBG xx

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