Monday, February 5, 2007

Day 3 Post Op

I've taken a week off work to recover from the surgery and I am feeling fantastic. I'm still getting the feeling like I constantly need to burp but can't and the actual wound sites are a little painful, but nothing a little panadol can't take care of.

I'm managing 200mL of liquids over about 30 mins at the moment which is pretty good. I'm definitely not hungry at all at the moment, which is great!!! So, my diet at the moment is:

Before BF: water - just lots of sipping and a cup of tea (drunk it a little too fast and felt very full!!).
BF: Optifast - 150-200mL drunk over 45 minutes
MT: 100mL juice, water water water!
L: Optifast - 150-200mL (using the other half of the sachet I used for breakfast!)
AT: 1/2 cup a soup
D: 1 small bowl (150mL) vege soup or half an up-and-go

And of course, drinking loads of water through out the day. I'm constantly full and really don't feel like having all of what I'm eating and I really have to try and force it down. I'm not feeling any nausea but definitely feeling a different kind of fullness. Starting to miss "chewing" something. I'm missing just the physicality of eating and swallowing.. weird. I know it's just a head thing..

Tonight I'm going to venture out for a short walk with my fiancee. We'll just go for a 15 min walk around the block. I'll go crazy if I'm cooped up inside all week!

Weight Loss to date
Weight on Day of Surgery (2/Feb): 107.7kg
Weight Day after Surgery (3/Feb): 109.6kg (fluid gain)
Weight today (5/Feb): 107.3kg -0.4kg!!

LBG xx

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