Friday, February 16, 2007

2 weeks Banded - How time flies!

My goodness, I can hardly believe that I had my operation two weeks ago. Time really does fly. I really hope the next couple of weeks fly as I'm not liking the puree'd stage very much. Always, so hungry... nothing seems to get me full!!!

I had my first dietitian appointment yesterday. She spoke about the transition from Fluids to Puree. How I should be having half cups of puree every 2 hours or so, 6 times a day. I am looking forward to having my first fill as I'm tired of feeling hungry! (as I thought the point of the band was to make me feel fuller quicker for longer!!)

Ok, so maybe it's lack of sustanence that's making me a bit cranky.. *lol* I really do love my band.

Just a quick shout out to Lizzie, Reney and Laura who seem to stop in at my blog for a read! Glad to hear that I'm "inspiring" and helping you guys with your own weight loss surgery. Hard to believe that me *Miss Fatso 2006* is inspiring people! Yay me! Thanks for reading my story!!

LBG xx


Anonymous said...

Keep writing girl, your adventure inspires me more and more.

Anonymous said...

Hi there lapbandgirl,

You know I have your blog on my favourites list.I check daily to see what next you have posted. I am to be banded in 7 wks. I enjoy reading your blog. It gives a real account of what i will be up for.....thankyou......Midijola

LapBandGirl said...

Thanks for your comments!!! I love reading them :)

LBG xx said...

Hi LBG, Cathleen here in the US. I found your blog on day 2 post op for my band. I am learning a lot from your experience and I thank you for sharing. I did not read the very last post. I wanted to start at the beginning and follow it to the end.

Thanks again