Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Day 4 Post Op

The bloating has finally gone down a little bit more today and I'm feeling a bit more human. My wound sites are looking good and are only a bit tender today. I'm also able to move about a little easier, getting up from sitting to standing is getting better. My fluid intake isn't probably the best, I am trying to drink a bottle of water a day, but I'm only getting through half a bottle, but having a cup of tea and some apple juice also. I'm not getting any headaches from dehydration so it's all good. Definitely starting to get sick of the optifast. I'm able to manage half an sachet for main meals, but I'm craving "food" in general at the moment.. I had home made soup for dinner last night and had a tiny bowl which definitely filled me up. I was starving before the meal and didn't think that this small soup bowl would fill me up... Boy was I wrong!!! Definitely got to start retraining myself on sizes of meals. Before the band I would of had 5 times more soup AND 2 cheese rolls with butter. I could barely manage 100mL of the soup last night... YAY! I guess it's working!

So, that's my update for today. I'm not even sure if people are reading this! For anyone out there who's considering getting a band done... I've given you an account of one person's experience with it so far... and it's been pretty good!

LBG xx


Anonymous said...


good on you. I was banded on Dec 15th 2006 and it sounds like your post op is much like mine. Amazing how so little fluid can fill you up huh?

I only ended up sticking strictly to fluids for 5 days. I couldn't take it any longer after that. I needed to chew something! So I went on to very soft mushies.

I hope everything goes really well for you. Congratulations


Anonymous said...

Thanks Kylie! Good luck to you too!! I'm worried that I'm starting to feel more hungrier only 4 days post op, but I guess if there are other people out there like you and me, I can slowly go on to mushies over the next few days!

LBG xx