Monday, June 1, 2009

Oh the pain!!

Fuck I am in AGONY today... the whole tops of my shoulders and the middle of my back is so SORE! Bloody PT session. She made me do boxing and alot of it at that. I had to do alot of hook reps and I can feel it today. I also was made to to tricep dips inbetween... great session, but fuck I'm sore today. I did however make it to Pump this morning. I don't think I'd complete woken up by the time I started the class and now I am starting to feel it.

Whinge over!!

Protein today will be in the form of:

Protein Porridge for Breakky - 35g protein
1 boiled egg - 7g protein
50g chicken breast - 8g protein
Yoghurt - 7g protein
Quiche - 10g

Weigh in this week was at 90.4kg. I put a skirt on this morning and it felt noticably looser.... I'm happy with that at the moment.. :)

Have a good week.

LBG xx


SkinnieMinnie said...

awesome effort with your work out and good news about the skirt :-) great start to the week!

Amy said...

lol...I am only laughing bc you said fuck numerous times...and I cuss like a sailor but try to refrain on blogger bc I dont want to offend anyone...sometimes I let them slip though :)

ANYWHOOO! Congrats on the rockin workout!

Anonymous said...

Yay on the skirt! I'll be interested to see how the extra protein works for you. I think I'm lacking in it myself.