Sunday, June 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Queeny!

Loving this June long weekend... celebrated my 1 year wedding anniversary yesterday.. Love the fact that it's Sunday today and I've got tomorrow off too! And I love even more that on Tuesday I'm flying out to Germany. WooHoo!

So... curious if I ate the curry puffs? Yep. I got them, and I got Pad Thai. And as I predicted, the curry puffs made me so full that I had maybe 1 small mouthful of Pad Thai and that was it. What a waste of money! Stupid brain with it's stupid cravings. Actually, the Pad Thai wasn't as good as I remember it.. but the curry puffs were! So next time I feel like Thai I'm going to just order the curry puffs and enjoy them.. I don't need anything else except the entree sized serving. I just keep forgetting that... 2.5 years in and I still keep forgetting!!!

Still travelling on the no chocolate train.. it's not hard.. truely it's not. And it's probably saved me from thousands of empty calories that I probably would have otherwise ingested. Yesterday when I went to the movies with hubby for our anniversary, he ordered a malteser frappe.. I would normally have "tried" it a couple of times.. he also bought some chocolate for the movie, I had some lollies and some crisps.

However, going away I'm starting to think that I postpone my chocolate challenge until I return. This trip will be amazing and I want to enjoy every part of it, including chocolate! I'm in two minds about it. I was thinking that when I leave Australian soil, all bets are off. C'mon peoples!! I'm travelling business on Swiss Air.. the country of excellent chocolate..

Exercise this week has been fabulous..

Monday - pump 450 cals
Tuesday - Spin 550 cals
Wednesday - Boxing 600 cals
Thursday - Pump 450 cals
Friday - Rest Day
Saturday - Spin 550 cals
Sunday - Walk at 2pm with KLM (1 hour I'll burn around 600 cals I reckon)

Tomorrow I'm going to do a step/pump combo, tuesday morning I'll go to an early morning spin class then I'm off for 2 weeks with no routine exercise. I plan to bring my trainers and some gym clothes with me, but I don't know what my chances are going to get in a workout.. but I will try.

Have a great long weekend all!!

LBG xx

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The Dash! said...

You just HAVE to have some chocolate while you are in Europe because you are right: nobody makes choc's like the Swiss (and surrounding countries - I speak from experience lol) And you know what? Cut yourself some slack. Life is for living and you are going to experience some new things in your travels and I think you have earned it!! You exercise SO much! More than anyone else I know lol So enjoy! Just totally enjoy without a guilty conscience.
Cara :) PS Safe flight and look forward to your report when you get back.