Friday, June 12, 2009

Hungry at the weirdest times

So I'm in Germany right now for a meeting and am getting hungry at the weirdest times. Like 4am for example (which would be lunch time in Sydney). And then I'm so not hungry at lunch! Band has been playing nice. No PB's since I left Sydney. I have been enjoying Chocolate while over here ... but surprisingly I haven't been going nuts. I have eaten at Burger King since I've been here. I've found these most AMAZING chilli cheese nuggets which are so delicious. Imagine deep friend cheese, jalepenos and batter... and it's in a snack size so perfect for me!

Off to the UK this evening to spend 3 days with my relatives while I am in between meetings. Next Tuesday I fly down to Spain for a 3 daymeeting and then start the looooooooooooong 30 hour trip back to Sydney.

Off to Breakfast!

LBG xx


Nola said...

Business class, Germany??!!! I WANT your job big time!!!!
Those nuggets sound delicious...why don't we get that stuff here?!
*sigh*...the only thing I don't envy is the 30hr trip back here!!
Stay safe my friend.

Anonymous said...

Soooo jealous right now :)

Glad to hear the band is behaving overseas. Nothing worse than having issues in a foreign country!

Anonymous said...

Taking your no chocolate lead and it's working! Still having the odd Hot Choc...