Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I took today off work. I really needed it. I'm just chilling with my hubby at home cos he's actually sick today. Looks like he's got sinusitus or something like that. Funny really, he's been sick twice in 3 weeks and I've been around him all that time and I haven't caught anything from him. My immune system must be rockin!

I'm coming up to TTOM and I always retain some fluid the week before. I'm at 90.4kg today but really do feel "thinner" than that.. I will be skipping my next visit with Aunt Flow as I'll be overseas during that time. I'll be out of my routine while I'm overseas so not sure how it's going to go while I'm away. I know that I don't eat properly while I'm away because the foods aren't band friendly but I won't be exercising like a mad person while I'm away. I hope to get a couple of hotel gym session in, but realistically I don't think that's going to happen.

I'm off to Germany, UK and Spain for work for 2 weeks leaving next Tuesday... Can't wait!!!

LBG xx

P.S. 2 weeks with no chocolate!!! WooHoo!!


The Dash! said...

Two weeks without chocolate! Insane but really well done!! Sounds wonderful that you're off on a hol..sigh, you are going to make every one envious lol. Have a rocking time.

klm said...

Poor hubby being sick again. :-(

Thanks for the tip re the band being tighter at TTOM. I PB'd everything except porridge for 24 hours but everything is back to normal now. Can't believe you're leaving next Tuesday for 2 weeks! Such a big trip - I hope it's a really fabulous time for you. I'm not sure what my weekend is looking like yet but let me know if you're up for a walk on Sunday afternoon or Monday. Actually, might check the gym for what's on Monday - if there's a step class, I reckon we do it!

klm.. xo

LapBandGirl said...

Cara - no, this trip is for work.. with a little fun time inbetween(cos I'm stuck in Europe for 4 days between meetings) so i'm off to see my relatives. So please don't be envious!!

KLM - Walk sounds great on Sunday! And I've already checked out the classes for Monday - lets make it a double step pump combo and share breakky afterwards!? :) I'll call you about it soon. Hope you're feeling better! :)

LBG xx

Bridget said...

Enjoy the time away- even if it is for work!!