Friday, July 31, 2009

It's not a secret any more...

So first of all... YAY for my unfil. OMG I love my band surgeon. He is the loveliest guy on the face of this planet.. Took out 0.7mL and the difference is AMAZING. I drank a whole bottle of water on the way home... total 180 from this morning when I couldn't even drink more than half a cup of tea. YAY! Feeling sooooooooo much better already..

So, here is the story. My sister works at the Circle of Care in Baulkham hills where I got my surgery. She works in the clinical trials department and so technically doesn't really work with the lapbanding patients. Well, she found my clinic notes. So she knows...
I knew this was inevitable, since I introduced her to the clinic when I found out that they were looking for clinical research assistants, so I always knew that there was a good possibility that she would find out.. but it's finally happened. My wonderful surgeon is going to talk to my sister (being her boss he probably has some sort of influence!) about the issue of confidentiality..
I'll let you know if she ends up coming to me about it!!

Thanks everyone for your messages of support through my struggle. I have a feeling things will get better now. Even with more people knowing about the band, it might give me the freedom to eat the way I want to eat rather than trying to hide it.


LBG xx


The Dash! said...

This freaks me out a little too, people finding out some other way than me telling them.. as I haven't told quite a few people either.
Yay for the unfill.. now you can eat and drink again. Brilliant :)

Melanie said...

Great to hear you can drink and hopefully eat.
All the best

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness you've had that fill removed! I'm glad our immediate family knows as it's a lot easier when you have to run to the loo! I'm not averse to telling people now but the boy still doesn't want to so the secret will stay.

Nola said...

Sorry I have been so slack.....just read back through your posts and caught up on everything that has been happening!! So glad the unfil has worked.
How did you find out your sister knew? Did she tell you she found your notes?

mjwdec73 said...

So glad that fill is out - what a relief. Hope that everything works out OK with your sister