Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Still pretty crap!

Heartburn is still going, it's continuous now... and I really can't eat much at all. Today I've had... let's see... 2 sips of a hot chocolate, half a cup of water, a small chai latte and swig of mylanta... I don't see anything solid there!
I've managed to get an appointment with the clinic on Friday 31st. So only 2.5 more days of this crap!

Hope all is well with everyone else :)

LBG xx


Anonymous said...

Oh dear, I know exactly what you're going through. Just think about the relief when you get an unfill. Shit that you have to wait 3 days though. As soon as I mention the night reflux they get me in within a day.

Dee said...

Oh LBG! I do hope to god you haven't had a band slip. I have experienced an overfill twice ... and then I've had a small slip. Urgh! It's an absolute misery to suffer through. Hope all goes well with your unfill and the fabulous feeling that comes with it! Miss Dee

brent said...

so, seriously, what happens when the band turns against you? can you reverse it if you _need_ to? if you're unable to even eat at all?

hope you're safe.

The Dash! said...

Come on down Friday!! That sounds horrible.. hope apart from this you're doing ok. What a bummer! :)