Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I broked myself!

So I've got a broken wrist! How you might ask? I tripped and fell... landed on my wrist.. heard a crack.. simple as that! 6 weeks in a cast and possible surgery if the second x-ray shows a displacement. I'm in a splint at the moment - basically a plaster cast that hasn't been completely closed and wrapped with crepe bandage. Allows for any further swelling and can be taken off quickly if I get any further pain or swelling in my hand that cuts off blood circulation etc. What does that mean? 6 weeks no gym.. just walking once I get my fibre glass cast on next week.. and no boxing for up to 6 months!!! Devastated!!!

Postponed all my dr appointments and tests like the barium swallow until the cast comes off.. I can't drive to get to any of them.

Feeling the need for some serious comfort eating peoples!!

Keep you posted on any developments.. This one handed typing is so slow!!

Love LBG xx


brent said...


broken wrists are NO good!

I broke my wrist last may, and I'm still not back at the climbing gym yet, may never be.

What did you break? I did my scaphoid.

Be SUPER careful while it's healing, do NOT be a hero, and do every instant of physio that they give you. You will horrified at how much strength you lose in your hand in 6 weeks.

Good luck (and, yes, you get much beter at one handed typing.)

Janine said...

Oh - breaking an arm is such an annoying thing......Sorry to hear that you have to go through this!!

You will be itching to get back to the gym and boxing and the time will fly by.

The Dash! said...

Ohhh jeez. Poor you. That sounds awful and no doubt, as you mentioned, you are bemoaning the fact you can't exercise. Life keeps throwing these things at us, huh. Your wrist will heal (been there done that) so try to keep your chin up.
Thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I am in the same uncomfortable splint and if the swelling went down enough and the bone is still where it was set I get my hard cast today. I am a bit worried and hope it's not that painful when they put the cast on and move my hand around for the xrays. How are you feeling? Feel free to write,

Anonymous said...

HOLY SHIT! Hope it's not too painful and that you recover quickly.

Em :)

Jadey 0:-) said...

Oh No! I hope surgery isn't required/ Wihing you luck.