Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Still doing OK!!

I didn't realise that I'd posted Doing OK as my heading twice! Where is my head??!

Wrist is healing fine, got a fibreglass cast on Monday so able to exercise and swim!! WooHoo! Went to the gym monday night and went on the treadmill... felt GOOD!

Haven't been doing too well with foods recently. Have been SUPER tight. Have been HATING going out for meals (or even eating with friends/colleagues etc) as I just can't eat anything. People must think I'm so picky!

My aunties called mum once I got back from the UK concerned that I was an anorexic because I wasn't eating much while with them!! How terrible!

Anyhoo, things are well. nothing much to report... hope all is well in blogland!! Will catch up on blogs now.

Much love,

LBG xx

4 comments: said...

OMG... how AWFUL about your aunts...


mamawood said...

glad to hear you are doing ok.

my sister had gastric bypass about 4 years ago and now that she is skinny my parents complain that she is too skinny. they even sent her to be evaluated for anorexia.

hello - they paid for her to be skinny - they should enjoy it!

brent said...

you must _tell your family_

Anonymous said...

Hmmm maybe you need a bit of fill removed? You shouldn't not be able to eat, that sucks.

Glad you can do stuff now with your broken arm.

Em :)