Friday, July 17, 2009


OMG what a week - horrendous! Ok so not that bad, I'm exaggerating slightly. Food wise I was as tight as a cats bum... when I say I can't eat, it really means that I am probably eating the correct portion sizes but fat me is thinking that Im not eating enough! I can eat around 1 cup of food at a time - perfect right? Mornings are still the worse time for me to eat. I just cant get much down at all. I was struggling with my Berocca this morning and sipping for a medium hot chocolate for 20 mins! I had half a bowl of soup and a cookie for lunch and some chocolate mid afternoon, thats it!

Oh yeah, and I've gone off the pill (in preparation for babies) and I know that my change in hormone levels would have something to do with it all. I must admit, I'm feeling alot less bloated since coming off the pill. Time will tell..

Nothing planned for this weekend. Just wondering what to have for take away friday night tonight. I'm thinking curry puffs, or some butter chicken and rice (a cup full, I can't eat more than that!).

Hope all is well in your world. promise to catch up with all of your blogs tomorrow!!

Love and Hugs

LBG xx


Nola said...

Sounds like you are doing OK....but doing it tightly!:) I am too at the moment...maybe our bands shrink inwards when it is cold!!?

mamawood said...

be prepared for those babies to come quickly. i was off the pill for 1 week and got pregnant! crazy!!

Marina Kamen aka MARINA said...

I gained 100 pounds with my 3 kids... then literally walked my ass off and watched how much I ate.

Good luck with your conception efforts.

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