Saturday, November 3, 2007

1kg to go until I'm an 80's girl!

Stepped on the scales this morning for my weekly weigh-in and I shocked myself. I thought I'd only be down maybe half a kilo this week, but I dropped 1.4kg, and am now at 90.9kg! YAY! Only 1 friggen kilo separates me from being a 90's girl and being an 80's girl. OMG! I reaaaaaally want to be in the 80's for the next time I see my doctor.. which is next Friday 9th November, and if I keep this up... I Just might!

I have a feeling that my weight loss this week was a little premature. I have been feeling quite off the past couple of days, and I haven't felt like eating. Yesterday, all I had was a Protein Shake for Breakky, half a small slice of turkish bread and some salad for lunch, and a le snak just before bed. I felt naseous all afternoon and every time I thought about eating I wanted to hurl. Even water was difficult for me to get down. So the fact that I didn't have dinner last night may have been the reason why I dropped such a huge amount of weight this week. Today I did a spin class this morning (1 hour!!), drank a bottle of water and then had a coffee and 1/4 of a bran muffin and that's all I've had since 10am (it's now 3pm). I'm feeling sick right now but I think that's because I haven't eaten. I know my band is going to be tight if I eat anything right now, but I have to have something! Maybe a hot drink will do the trick.

Will let you all know when I hit the sweet sweet 80's!

Thanks for reading!

LBG xx


Reney said...


You are truly an inspiration to me! YOU ROCK and I am so proud of you!!


Anonymous said...

LBG – thanks for the enlightening info of WLS… I do believe you’re hiding behind the very bottom end of the WLS stats. I think the fact that you’re stopping yourself from eating much just to get to the 80’s for your next Dr’s visit is a bit melodramatic… but hey, each to their own and my name, just because you asked so noicely is Gaye.

As for your little friend who thinks I’m an ass wipe and that I also “hit” her site, she got it wrong, never saw her site nor did I leave her any comments. But thanks for thinking of me…

Anonymous said...

Hi Erika,

You are doing so well, congratulations....I HAVE JUST REACHED THE 90'S AND CAN'T WAIT TO BE IN THE 80'S....