Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bring it on!!!

It's really great to get comments from people. I love reading that I am inspiring people on their own journey, or I am providing advice to people who are thinking of having surgery. I received my first negative comment today... from Anonymous (typical.... scared to leave your name or contact details???)
So the comment read like this:

Anonymous said...
i can't believe there is a Dr in Australia who would operate on you given you weren't even morbidly obese... i think it's quite telling that you still eat icecream and chocolate sauce and sausage rolls etc - 16.2 kgs in 8 months with lap band surgery, most patients lose that in 2 months... or then some...
October 30, 2007 3:41 PM

Ok Anonymous, I really don't give a flying fuck what you think... but I just want to clear up a few facts which you seem to (in my opinion) have wrong! They are as follows:

1. My BMI was 35 when I was banded. That makes me obese. That also makes me 10 x more like to suffer the effects of a stroke, heart attack or develop diabetes. I would consider it quite unethical for any Doctor NOT to operate on me. In fact, the fact that I wasn't Morbidly obese meant that I wasn't at high risk for complications during the surgery... hrmm, maybe I should have gained 20kg just to get into the morbidly obese category???

2. According to literature published on the success of the lapband, the band is meant to help you lose between 50-80% of your excess weight in 18months to 2 years . I had 40kg excess weight, and I've now lost 16.4kg of that in 8 months. Lets see... 40 divided by 24 is just under 2kg a month. According to the literature and studies done, I should be losing approx 2kg per month... which... let me do the maths here... 2 x 8 is... hang on.. it's 16!!! I'm 400g in front, buddy.

3. If you're losing 16kg in 2 months (8kg / month or 2kg / week) then you've got to have alot of weight to start with... I'm talking 200kg plus. I was 109kg when I was banded... you do the math here..

4. Losing 16kg in 2 months is unhealthy. Fucked if I want to see my hair fall out and develop anaemia from losing weight too quickly. I don't really fancy Vitamin B12 shots in my ass thanks very much.

5. I can't eat sausage rolls, but I do eat ice cream. I have 1 scoop, with calorie free chocolate sauce, and it goes down a treat.

6. I exercise. That builds muscle. Muscle weighs heavier than fat... sorry, is this getting too technical for you?

Most importantly, Anonymous, I am PERFECTLY HAPPY with my rate of weight loss. If I continue on my current weight loss, I will be at goal weight in 6 months.

I invite you to continue to follow my journey, but please... if you're going to post another comment like the one you left yesterday, grow some balls and leave your name.


Anonymous said...

What a crack-up! I was banded on 11th Sept with a BMI of 35. I am 165cm tall and weighed 96 kilos.Today i weigh 84.8 kilos. I think you are doing really well and that skank anonymous is clueless. She is obviously jealous because you're so close to your goal wight. Well done.

LapBandGirl said...

Thanks Mel!!! Good on you for losing 12kg too. That is fantastic. What I have realised is that everyone is on their own journey... and as long as you're happy, that's the main thing.. right?


Dee said...

Hilarious! This arse wipe hit my site too under the guise of anonymous and the time stamps are not that far apart - I didn't publish their comment but am in the process of writing a post about it!

You're doing beautifully. If us bandsters wanted to lose weight at a rate of knots we would've had gastric bypass. No, for us it's steady as you go and learning to deal with food issues and our reasons for eating. As I have always said, the band is only a tool .... it still takes a damn lot of work to make it work!

Reney said...

Hey Erika,

Why must we justify our actions to stupid fucked up a jealous moles such as your anonymous friend?

I too have copped a whole lotta flack from people and I dont understand why?

You are doing great, you really are! Thats all that matters.


Anna said...

Hello :)
I would love, love LOVE to know where you get "calorie free chocolate sauce" please. Thanks with a cherry on top. Anna.