Thursday, November 22, 2007

Lab Results say more than Weight Loss EVER will

So I went to visit my doctor for a check-up and to see how I'm going with the band. He was absolutely without a doubt extremely pleased with my rate of weight loss and how much I'd lost to date. He said that I was BANG on target for my weight loss goals, and the fact that I was losing weight at a constant slow rate meant that I wasn't going to put it all back on again if I had the band loosened at all. That made me feel a heap better considering the crap that I've been getting on my blog for the past few posts from Anonymous.

I've now lost 20cm off my waist, and 26cm off my hips, 12 cm off each of my thighs, 2cm off my neck (I didn't know you could loose weight off your neck?!?! How random!) and 2cm off my calves. Totally stoked! My Dr put the tape measure around my waist with the 20cm added on and I nearly swore... I was saying "shut up, you are kidding me"... it was a bit mind blowing seeing the cm's I'd lost as well.

Most importantly, I had bloods taken and I received my results today. My doctor is again, over the moon... I have HALVED my fasting insulin levels from 70 (pre-diabetic) to 33 - NORMAL levels! My Cholesterol has gone from 5.2mmol/L to 4.1mmol/L - now completely NORMAL without the use for statins or other cholesterol lowering medication, and my Iron status has gone from 9.0 at boarderline anaemic to 15.0mg, which is in the normal ranges! And I was worried that I wasn't eating enough meat with the band.

I was so happy with the results today. It just proves (again) that this band isn't just about losing as much weight as possible, I have more than halved my risk factors for stroke and heart attacks just by losing "only" 18kg in 9 months. I think that's pretty freaking good! (don't you?)

From one very healthy bandit!

LBG xx

P.S. I was 91kg on the doctor's scales and I'm OK with that! (and so was my doctor!)


brent said...

Hi, well done.

Tell me more about this doctor's visit? I thought that kind of thing only happened in america? did you just show up and say "I'd like a Physical Exam please."

Anonymous said...

you are amazing!

you put yourself out there, you tell the world that you've been banded, you tell us about your journey and your food and your goals and hopes for the future.

then you say that TWO comments are "copping crap" on your blog.

get a life and realise that when you put yourself out there you are open season so DON'T bitch and whinge about it and say oh poor me, look at that mean person leaving me comments, just get on with it.

don't worry, i won't be back to read your inane dribble anymore.