Friday, November 23, 2007

More about my check-up

This post is for Brent who wanted to know a little more about my check-up..

I didn't just "pop" in for a visit. This was booked in for the 9 month check-up. I also had a 3 and 6 month check-up as well. It's kind of included in my "plan" for the year, were doctor visits are built into my 1 year program with the band. After my first year, I can go back when I feel I need to - ie, when I get a fill, or I think that I need help with weight loss, or if I need to get fill removed. The point of the check-up is to take bloods and see how I'm doing on the inside. it's also a chance for the patient to talk about any food issues they are having.

I hope this helps! Not sure if you have a band, but I went through a full multidisciplinary team at the circle of care at Baulkham Hills in Sydney, Australia - dietitian, psychologist and physio, as well as the surgeon and follow-up doctor.


LBG xx


MelissaJune said...

Hi! My name is Melissa and I am from California... I have read your blog starting in March and on through your last post today! I am going in for my first apppointment on Monday to start the the Pre-Surgery process, cost, and other informational mumbo-jumbo. I am so excited. I have a BMI of 35 and in my 20's - I think we are quite alike. Anyhow, keep up your good work... Maybe I should start a blog myself, I have found yours so facinating!

Anonymous said...

Hi there Erika,

I havent stopped in at your blog for a few months but I can am so thrilled to read about your loss since I last read. Congratulations I think it awesome!!!

One thing I am surprised about is your anonymous friend Gayle? Whats up with that? It just boggles me that people go out of their way to put others down....well I think your doing great!!!


Bunny said...

Hey Erica,
please please post an update... I really hope to hear stories of your ongoign success... my bands sorted out now and I have lost 10 pounds! YAY... got to keep it real huh. keep blogging babe we miss ya!