Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Dear Anonymous...

Another comment was left by anonymous (aka Gaye), it read as follows:

LBG – thanks for the enlightening info of WLS… I do believe you’re hiding behind the very bottom end of the WLS stats. I think the fact that you’re stopping yourself from eating much just to get to the 80’s for your next Dr’s visit is a bit melodramatic… but hey, each to their own and my name, just because you asked so noicely is Gaye. As for your little friend who thinks I’m an ass wipe and that I also “hit” her site, she got it wrong, never saw her site nor did I leave her any comments. But thanks for thinking of me…
November 6, 2007 4:00 PM

So Gaye, according to how much a person with a lapbad SHOULD be losing per week, from your last comment... you remember, 16kg in two months and all that, then getting into the 80's for my doctors visit this Friday should be doable... yet you are chosing to point out that the fact that I'm aiming to lose less than 1 kilo this week is melodramatic??? What's the deal? Do you think I should be dropping massive amounts of weight each week or not? Make up your mind...

Secondly, I'm not hiding behind any weight loss stats... I AM one of those weight loss stats - so what if I'm down the bottom? Someone has to be... I'm not sure if I made myself clear during my last post, but I'm PERFECTLY HAPPY with my rate of weight loss.

Fuck off Gaye... really..


brent said...

oh my god... this person is being a total knobend.'s like, they don't think that you qualify as a real 'fatty' because you never passed 150kg... or that your level of happiness ought to (somehow) be related to what some anonymous Random thinks it should be...

you go girl.

keep up the good work - and enjoy your successes because they are YOUR successes.

RJ said...

yeah Gaye, give it a bone dude, what is your problem anyway?

i thikn you are doing a great job, when people lose weight too quickly they get all that saggy skin etc so i think the slower the better - whats the hurry? most of us have carried fat around for ages so who cares about the speed?

i'm a big fan by the way! i decided to get the band done thanks to your honesty :)

Reney said...


Ignore the haters (welcome to my world)
Concentrate on the positives
Concentrate on YOU
Stay Focused
Stay Positive
Stay True to YOU

You are doing great!!


Gypsy said...

Hey there LBG,
I think you are doing really well, you have a simular story to mine actually with your weight lose so far. Unfortunately with this Gaye person, You will always get someone who tries to stir you up, I would say they are just jealous of your success so far..... Anyway, well done on your journey so far, keep up the good work!
* Gypsy