Sunday, November 18, 2007


Freaking busy! That's all I can say. I'm out of the country every two weeks from now until Christmas time, and I barely have time to scratch my own butt let alone attend to my blog. *sigh* Unfortunately, my weight loss has taken a back burner at the moment and I'm pretty much eating anything that won't get stuck, something I can inhale so that I don't have to waste time actually eating. Unfortunately, because I'm out so much, I don't get to control alot of what I eat. I'm at the mercy of room service (damn that delicious room service!) and anything that I can grab my hands on while I'm out that I know won't make me spew ten minutes into the meal. Consequently I have gained a kilo. Not to worry! I'll be back on board soon! Have bought my gym stuff with me this week to the hotel I'm staying at, and I plan to be at the gym before breakky every morning!

LBG xx

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gee there's a shock??