Thursday, June 14, 2007

Your brain isn't banded!

I've noticed alot of comments about how people with a lap band can stop losing weight (or even gain weight) because they find "ways' of getting certain foods through the band. This happened to me... and it was extremely frustrating. To go through something as extreme as weight loss surgery and STILL not lose weight was very discouraging. But I realised something... I realised that my brain isn't banded, and that my band is only a tool to help me lose weight. I read this countless times as I was doing my research, but never really understood what it meant. I always thought deep down that the band would be the answer and that I would never have to worry about dieting again, cos the band would do all the work. WRONG. A couple of things I found were:
1. If I really wanted to eat all of something, I would... it would just take me a little longer
2. Junk food goes down easy... it's the easiest thing to eat. It was easy to eat before, and it is easy to eat now.
3. My band LOVES healthy foods... small amounts make me feel full.
4. My brain is not banded. I still get the same head hunger I did before the band..

So, even though I've had weight loss surgery... I am COUNTING CALORIES. Yep that's right... I am keeping track of everything I am eating... and you know what? it's working. Having the band makes it sooooooooo much easier to stop eating, but by counting calories I am still in control of everything I eat. Since I started counting calories, I have lost the majority of my weight (6kg since april)... that's more weight lost than the first 3 months having the band... So for all of you out there frustrated because you've had surgery and aren't losing wieght... don't rely on that fill to top you up and possibly limit your variety of foods you can eat... try old fashioned dieting... your band will love it!

LBG xx


Anonymous said...

Hey Erica,

Great advice. I've been a bit slack about writing down everything i eat for the last couple of weeks.....and sure enough my weight loss has definitely slowed.

I'm finding my little book tonight and starting to count calories again starting tomorrow!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Erica,

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I really needed to hear that maybe I WILL start to loose weight... I lost all my weight in the first week and nothing since...GGGGRRRR its sooo frustrating.

I needed to know there is a light somewhere up ahead

Cheers Tarnya

Lap Band Reney said...

Hey Erica,
Firstly and most IMPORTANTLY congrats on losing 10 kilos. Im truly proud of you.
I totally agree about documenting everything you eat. Its amazing to look at your list and see the amount of food you indeed eat in one day.
Keep up our blog, I love it!!! Its inspirational!!!