Friday, June 8, 2007

I've officially lost the first 10kg!

Stepped on the scales to reveal 98.4kg which means I'm now down a total of -10.4kg since the banding. I've hit the 10kg Mark!!! Ever since I have found the "sweet spot" the weight has just fallen off. I am feeling so great these day. I've been trying on clothes that I haven't been able to get into and I can fit into them now. I'm a comfortable size 18 now and am looking forward to being able to shop at "normal" stores like Suzanne's, Susan Grae, Jacquie E soon (when I have the money).

I had dinner with Mum and Dad last night and ate my smoked salmon and salad slowly, chewing lots, making sure that I didn't feel the need to PB. All went well and they didn't suspect a thing. My mum was talking to be about lap banding, cos she thinks it might be a good idea for my sister who is also overweight. I didn't say much at the time. She also said that My Dad wants her to "do it the hard way", like he thinks having a lap band is the easy way out. I just shut my mouth and didn't say anything. I don't know if I'll ever tell them that I have a lap band. I'm just not sure how they'd react. Number 1, they'd be disappointed in me for not telling them that I had gone into hospital and had surgery (which in itself is pretty crazy cos I tell my parents pretty much everything and we're really close) and Number 2, I think they'd think I had taken the easy way out and hadn't worked my butt off to lose the weight without help. I'm still in two minds about telling them. At the moment, I just want to prove to them that I can lose weight. Once I get to goal weight... I might re-consider, but for now, there is no way I could let them know. I feel bad for not revealing my big secret... but I'm afraid of their reaction. Does that makes sense??

Anyhoo, looking forward to a weekend at home with my Uni books to study for an exam next week. Hope you all have a great long weekend!

LBG xx


Anonymous said...

you go girl!! a band doesn't make it easier you still have to chose to eat right.

Anonymous said...

Excellent work!!! 10kgs, that's fantastic!


Anonymous said...

Hi Erica,

I am a regular reader of your blog and I really enjoy it. I just want to say in RE your parents, I too have not told mine and I know if they did find out they I think would have similar thoughts as yours. EG taking the easy way out....and having surgery without their knowledge.

They live in another state now so it was easy to keep them from knowing but they are visiting here and living in my house at the moment. And having them here reminded me as to WHY I have not nor will I ever tell them.

So all I can say is you go girl... only tell on a need to know basis, if that is what suits you. Its your body and this time is all about 'you' and getting 'you' healthy and happy. Thats why I did it...good luck


Bunny - Follow me on the road to Bint-ness! said...

Hi Erika! I am so pleasd to read your blog and see that you have been a humungous LOSER!!! WELLDONE. You go girl! I am really thrilled for you. I too am excited about hitting double figures... but I dont often weigh in Kilo's because its not something I grew up with here in the UK. But I was 114kg when I weighed in for my band at the hospital in Belgium so I will try and get a reading for what I weigh now. I am getting another fill on Thursday so that should hopefully speed things up for me.
Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I live in the USA and I'm in the pre- stages of surgery. deciding to have the band done, was not an easy decision to make. My mom is so dead set against it, yet every other word out of her mouth is about my obesity(go figure).

They are going to find out eventually, and maybe we are right to keep this to ourselves, because this is "our" body and our decision and journey. It can be especially hard if the one questioning your surgery is naturally thin and does not get your struggle with the weight.

your blog is truly a valuable resource.