Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mummies Group BBQ today!

Perfect day for a BBQ! Aussie summers are the best for a yummy BBQ and a swim in the pool and today we've been blessed with 30 degrees and sunny! Having around 5 mummies, their husbands and of course, our babies! Should be fun! Will post some pics soon!

Tomorrow is the start of the JFDI campaign... my legs aren't nearly as sore today, so I will be waking at 5:30am and hauling my butt to the gym for a pump class. JFDI JFDI JFDI!!!

Food wise, my aim for this week is to eat salad for lunch every day. They make great salads at work, a bit pricey, but if I get desparate I can always get a salad there... also there is a shopping centre down the road from work and I'm in desparate need of a leg wax, so might pop over there at lunch tomorrow and grab this amazing salad from sumo salad (pumpkin, feta and pinenut salad!! Y.U.M).

Also, drink more water!

Finally to breastfeeding. I have managed to exclusively BF my little boy for 4.5 months. With starting back at work and travelling, I had no choice but to supplement with formula when I was away. I had a small freezer stash from when I was on maternity leave, but that only lasted a little while. In hindsight I would probably have done some more pumping sessions while at home on Mat leave (god knows I had enough milk!!), and frozen more of it so that there was plenty on hand for when I returned to work... Now, I am nursing once a day (if that..). He's just not interested in the boob anymore... I'm going to continue my ad hoc nursing until he's 8 months then stop I think... I'm OK with that! :)

Peace Out

LBG xx

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