Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Just Fucken Do It!

Hi all,

Feeling much better today so I went to a pump class followed by a Zumba class today. I know I'm gonna hurt tomorrow.. I can feel it now. The class itself wasn't too bad, fun even, but I knew that with that first class back comes a huge amount of pain. There is no "good" day to take the class... I just had to suck it up and JFDI!

JFDI has become my mantra for exercising. Suck it up sunshine, it ain't gonna be a walk in the park. Yes, it's gonna hurt, yes you gonna get sweaty, yes you may possibly cry... but it will get you results.

So I went to pump and zumba today. Let me tell you, if you haven't done a zumba class, get your butt to one! It is one of the most funnest classes at the gym. All you do is dance and sweat for an hour. You shake your booty, shake your boobies have a laugh and come out burning 400 cals! I am doing it twice a week at the moment (as in, I've done it twice over the past week).

I've been thinking more about my exercise committments now that we are well and truely into the new year.

Monday: 6am Pump
Tuesday: 11:30am Body Jam
Wednesday: Probably pump but I need to check the timetable
Thursday: 6am Pump and 6:30am Zumba
Friday: Not sure but someting with cardio
Saturday: Depends... either 8:30 Spin and 9:30 Pump, or.. 4:00 Zumba and 5:00 pump
Sunday: Rest day or something cardio..

Anyhoo, baby is awake so best go see what he wants.

Ciao for now!

LBG xx


Shannon said...

sounds like one heck of a workout schedual!

I have had to tell myself the same thing. JFDI! Or else it will never get done.

Amy W. said...

Oh how I love the f word. It makes me smile. When I wear my polar F4 to Zumba, sometimes I can burn over 700 calories! It is pretty intense!