Friday, January 21, 2011

Life as a Mum.. 7 months on...

Howdy Y'all,

I was reading back on some of the posts I had written since becoming a mum. I wished I'd blogged more over the past few months as I found it interesting to read about how I was feeling, what I was doing etc and of course, what was happening with my LO.

Well, Master L will be 7 months old on Sunday. I can't tell you how much I LOVE motherhood. I mean, I LOVE it. I could write a list a mile long about what I love about my baby boy...

I love..

.. the way his toes curl around my finger
.. his fat rolls on his thighs
.. his one freckle on his thigh
.. the way he tries no to laugh when I "nom nom" his thighs but then bursts out laughing
.. the big big smiles he gives me every time I pick him up from day care
.. the way he nuzzles into my neck when he's tired
.. his silky soft hair
.. how his gums squeak on the bath toys when he chews on them
.. the way he strokes me with his hand when he's nursing
.. the way he flails his arms and legs when he's lying on his tummy
.. his beautiful blue eyes and long dark eyelashes
.. the way he makes me feel towards my husband
.. how he gets really excited when he knows he's getting his dinner
.. how he says "mmmm" when he tastes custard (his favourite!)
.. that he said "mama" first
.. how he reaches out for me
.. his beautiful soft flawless skin

omg I could go on... :)

What's happening with Master L?

Sleeping? He sleeps through the night. 6:30pm - 6:00am. We wake him up at around 10pm for a bottle which he drinks and then falls quickly back to sleep. Then he's out for the count until early morning. Sometimes we hear him stirring a bit before 6am but we don't get him until our alarm goes off. From 6-12 weeks he was waking once sometimes twice for a feed. It was only since he was 3 months onwards that I could safely say I could get a good 8 hours out of him. Unfortunately sometimes that 8 hours was from 7pm - 3am... !! But it's all good now. He's a great sleeper! Slept in his own room from 10 days old and now he sleeps in a big cot. He is a tummy sleeper, but only started sleeping on his tummy from around 5 months old when he started rolling over. He used to get frustrated cos he could only roll one way but now that he's a little rolling machine, he's fine!

Movement? My son is a little fatso, tipping the scales at 8.9kg today. Consequently he finds it easier not to move... but he does get very frustrated that he hasn't quite mastered the art of crawling. Give it a couple more weeks and I'm sure he'll be on the move!

Daycare? Master L started daycare when he was 3.5months old for my sanity more than anything else. He loves the girls who care for him and they think he is just the cutest. One of the girls, Amy, says that he is her favourite! I always see her with him when I come to collect in the afternoon. So I know he's been well taken care of. The beauty of my daycare is that it is in the same building that I work in, so I was able to visit whenever I wanted to breastfeed in the early days. Now I go and visit for a cuddle from time to time. It's nice to know he's close. For the first 3 months he was there 3 days a week, and now he's there 4 days. I still get a day off on Friday which I love. We're doing swimming lessons, mummies groups etc.

Food 'n' Drink? He started solids at 4.5 months cos he was waking up during the night again wanting more boob. I also started weaning him onto formula at 5 months so that I didn't have to take my pump when I travelled for work. So now he's on 1 breastfeed a day usually at night and the rest formula. As for food? He is a guts.. favourite is custard so we only give that to him as a treat. There are some great organic baby food pouches out there and I try to cook my own when I have some time on the weekend and freeze for the week. But the baby food currently available on the market is quite good and convenient! He has just started on more chunkier food such as cheese, banana, avocado .. he enjoys yoghurt, different fruits and loads of veges!

How's mum doing? I am doing great.. Really I am! I have an AWESOME work life balance at the moment. I LOVE being at work.. and I LOVE when I have time with my baby boy. I'm slowly getting back to the gym, now that I can workout more intensely since I've virtually stopped breastfeeding now and I'm looking forward to the start of 12wbt next month. My relationship with my husband has been all over the place. Mostly good, but we have been snapping at each other alot because of our sleep deprivation. He also got diagnosed with mild depression just after L was born so that didn't help matters. Our sex life isn't where it was... because we're both so bloody tired, and because of DH's depression his libido isn't great but now that we're getting more sleep, it is on the improve... and it better be, because..

.... we're going to try for number #2 soon!!!! More on that later :)

OK, enough from me. Thanks for your comments. Good to see some of you are still reading my lil ol' blog.

LBG xx

Another Photo of my little man... for your viewing pleasure!


Shannon said...

what a little ham! love the pic. I am glad thing are going so well for you.

amandakiska said...

Isn't motherhood amazing? I'm so glad you're so happy and enjoying your new life so much.

The little ones definately change our relationship with our spouse, don't they? My fella and I have litterally had to schedule sex. It sounds sort of un-romantic, but it is so easy to realize you haven't been together in weeks. And then the bickering and feelings of alienation begin. Sex does wonders for keeping us connected and intimate. So continue to make time for each other. It is worth it!