Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!

Did ya miss me?

I needed a break... a break from blogging. The lap band wasn't (and still isn't) my focus at the moment. My baby boy is! Can you believe it? He is 7 months old now!!! Lots of things have happened since my last post.... mainly I went back to work and am super super super busy now I barely have time to blog anymore! I was contemplating closing my blog for good... but I realised that it was helping me stay focused when I needed it. But at the moment, as I said before, my band isn't my priority, and to be honest, losing weight isn't either. It will be, eventually... but life got in the way... and I am HAPPY!

I did the 12wbt challenge... half heartedly... it was hard with a 3 month old. I lost 5kg, but have regained most of that over Christmas. I am going to do round 1 2011... will be alot easier this time round.. why?

1. L will be older
2. we will FINALLY have 2 cars, so I can go to the gym without having to worry if DH needs the car
3. I'm not sleep deprived anymore!
4. I'm not breastfeeding as much so don't feel so drained.

But my main reason for wanting to get back on the band wagon? we want to have baby #2... YAY! more about that later.

Thanks for all your messages over the past few months! I hope you are all doing well.

A big shout out to Em who is up the duff and expecting a little girl in March!

Here is a pic of my little (or not so little) man. Look how he's grown!

Yeah, I know he's cute! But I'm biased :)

LBG xx


Shannon said...

welcome back! your LO is a cutie!

amandakiska said...

No, you're not biased. He's super cute!

When my little ones were smaller, I found that incorporating them into my work outs made it far my likely I would actually do it. I felt so guilty leaving them behind after working all day. So I started riding my bike a lot with the kiddos straped in the baby seat. I also walked a bunch. Even now (my kids are 7 and 9) walking and cycling are my main forms of exercise. I lift free weights while watching TV at night.

Enjoy this time! I'm glad you;re still blogging. Did you know you were the very first WLS blog I came across? It was about a year ago. Now I've had my surgery and lost more than 100 lbs. I'm at goal and haven't looked back!

THE DASH! said...

Totally missed and awwww - look at those big blues. Has it really been 7 months? Insane how time goes so fast. You have a beautiful boy and sound happy. What more could you ask for x