Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Off to Germany!

Hello peoples!

Well it's that time again when I head off to places unknown... Germany! Flight is supposed to leave at 2:30pm today but there has been this most amazing dust storm in Sydney overnight and all flights are grounded, so not even sure if I'll be leaving today!!! Nightmare!!!

Appointment with specialist went well. Basically got to have more tests and a Glucose Tolerance Test in particular to see if I am insulin resistant. She also spoke about putting me on Clomid, which is a drug to help me ovulate. More about that when I get back!

Anyhoo, will try and blog from overseas, but that may not happen as I'm not taking my laptop with me. Will try to twitter and post some piccies from twitter, so follow me : LapBandGirl

And congratulations to TRACEY who gave birth to Kitty, a gorgeous healthy baby girl on 17th September... and she did it with a lap band!!!

LBG xx


Bunny said...

Hey LBG, so glad to hear your getting some good advice.for what its worth, my mate Sarah was told she had PCO when she just got with her partner. They were worried as heck. She was using depo-provera injections as contraceptives, so just stopped having them and thought they might give getting preggers a whirl. They were going for all kinds of tests like you and about 4 months after stopping deop she was getting kind a sick in the mornings... Yep! Twins. She had a little 'slip up' last year and another little girl has been added to her 7 yr olds. I know its not you, but its hope. I was told outright 'You can't have kids' but I still have my 10yr old. Defo can't have any more and would have loved some, but science is FAB these days hun :-) xx

Anonymous said...

HOW CRAZY IS THE DUST STORM! MY PARTNER WOKE ME UP AT 545 just like ummmm allie I think the world is ending! IT IS SPECTACULAR! but I do agreee very nightmarish - hello to brown tap water... yuck.


I go in for my band tomorrow!

hope you have a great flight

Anonymous said...


How have you found long haul flights with the band? I'm about to fly home from Ireland for a holiday, my surgeon is saying to take a ml out - reading on the net there are various pieces of advice - thought I would ask someone who has first hand experience.