Saturday, September 5, 2009

Surprise! Fill time!

Yesterday I had an appointment with lovely Fill Doctor Tony and he gave me more fill. I was also there to review my barium swallow which was all fine. Apparently I'd had a mild pouch dialation earlier on and it's corrected itself - that's why I was having the horredous heartburn.. this I had no idea about - if I had known I probably would have freaked out.

Anyhoo, he put more fill in. 0.25mL in my pouch. Now I have no idea what my fill level is up to .. around 7.5mL or something? Felt it straight away and it felt good! But not too tight. Had a lovely entree salad for lunch yesterday (client lunch so very shi shi poo poo resteraunt down near the base of the harbour bridge in Sydney). Ate it slowly, chewed well, over 30 mins and it went down fine - yet felt the olives (well chewed of course!) sit in my pouch for a bit - so the band is still doings it's job.

Unfortunately, that un-fill I had 8 weeks ago saw me gain 4kg :(.

Devastated? Yep, absolutely. I did not think I'd put on that much weight. I'd also been continually exercising and didn't have any fatty fried foods at all (no maccas, hot chips etc even though I could have eaten all of that shit) yep, my portion levels were definitely higher (1.5-2 cups per serve) and I was hungry inbetween meals - but I did try to stick to high fibre, good carb, good quality snacks - fruits, eggs etc... I really didn't think I went on an 8 week binge and put on 4kg... the scales say otherwise - so lets suck it up and work out a plan for getting the weight off!

So Tony said that I have to stick to 1200cals per day PLUS the exercise that I am doing. So, essentially, when you take away the exercise calories I burn, I will have 700-800 cals a day. Do people survive on that little energy? I'm freaking out cos I don't think I can do it! I get so hungry when I exercise!

The Great Opti Challenge was a complete flop for me. Well, not a totally complete flop - I had a shake for breakky every morning without fail, but that was it. I still ate lunch and dinner and snacks inbetween. So big fail there. Opti isn't for me though... I'm not disiplined enough.

So where to from here peeps? It's all about portion control and timing of the food eating for me. What I did realise when I saw tony yesterday was that when I eat, I get the full feeling - then wait - the food goes down and I don't feel as full so I eat some more. What I should be doing is eat, feel full and then STOP!!! Don't put as much on my plate and as soon as I get that full feeling, don't wait for the food to slip through to make more room - get up and throw the rest away.

I'm also going to start tweeting ( my food intake. So if you're on Twitter - follow me! User name is: LapBandGirl. The good thing about twitter is that I can upload the tweets straight from my iPhone so I can update from whereever I am, I don't need to be near a computer. I've added a new box on the left of my blog so you can see my daily intake of food. I want you to kick my butt or give me some good positive feedback/criticism on what I am eating. I will be accountable!!!

I really would love to lose 10kg by Christmas. I have 4 months to do this. 2.5kg a month, around 500g a week is DOABLE.

Oh yeah, my blood results didn't come back in time for my appointment with Tony yesterday, so I'm going back to my local GP on Tuesday to chat. Since coming off the contraceptive pill in June I haven't had a period, so I'm not sure what's going on there. I do strongly believe that my hormones are having alot to do with my inability to lose weight, perhaps my thyroid is on the fritz, or I've got PCOS and have insulin resistance? I'll find out on Tuesday and let you know!!

Hope you're having a fab weekend!

LBG xx


brent said...

weight loss = energy in - energy out.

If you're lowering your calorie intake to obscene levels you have to lower your calorie output levels as well. Maybe concentrate on fat-burning exercise without necessarily doing too much muscle-straining work??

Anonymous said...

Yeah there's no way I could stick to Opti now!

Gaining weight sucks - frankly I don't know how you put on 4kgs with all the exercise you've been doing - could it be muscle?

Dietwise - maybe up your protein which should help with the energy too.

Em :)

Krys Tros said...

Glad that you didn't have to have your band removed! You are doing fine and now that you have gotten your fill I am sure you will be back on track! I will keep reading your blogs, so keep posting them, I want to see what's in store for myself since I just got banded 2 wks ago!-K.T.