Sunday, October 4, 2009

Travelling and the Band

Siepie posted a comment about travelling and the band. How do I cope? what are my experiences?

Well first of all, I didn't get any fill out. I've had this band in long enough to know what I can and can't eat.

When I travel, especially overseas, I am usually lucky enough to travel business class because of work. This means that I get access to a lounge and nice comfy chairs on the flight. When I fly I never feel hungry at the right times so I generally try to eat regularly and I definitely try to drink loads and loads of water. I always have an aisle seat as I have had times where I have needed to PB because I am in a weird sitting position when I eat. Usually on my flights I get offered a 3 course meal. Generally I just have a few bites of each course and a baileys on the rocks to finish (which normally knocks me out cold and I get a bit of sleep!!).

I've had some good flying experiences when having the band. I thank god for my band when I'm in conferences for 5 days as they seem to want us to eat every 2 hours! The band really does help me limit my eating, especially because I LOVE trying new foods.

Hope this helps all you other travellers out there! Feel free to ask any other questions you may have.

LBG xx

P.S Jet lag does suck. I was hungry at 3am so I got up and made myself some mashed potato!! Crazy!


The Dash! said...

I finally flew again after so many years and I've only had my band for four months.. but I - like you - did really well.
Lucky you being in business class lol. On our flight home was on cattle class and my husband and I were placed right behind the divider to those in in the business section. There was a little break in the separation curtain.. and we were laughing about the fact we wanted to reach through.. grab their lovely wine or food and poof make it disappear (for us to eat and drink) and that person would look around and go.. "Hey, where did my dinner go."
Oh, the things you do to amuse yourself on the long flight home!

Anonymous said...


I've 5ml in my band - had my band for 18 months now - I think I'll follow your example and leave the fill how it is, I have decent restriction most days on most foods, I could probably do with a small increase but will leave that till after my trip - I am looking forward to being back home in Australia though am not looking forward to the temptations (Tim Tams to name one!)

Wish I could enjoy business class again but it will be cattle class this time around


Tina said...

Ditto on the flying and food-I just got back form Germany for 9 days. The band and walking helped me lose weight on vacation. The airplane eating was fine-no hunger but I saved a square of cheese and dessert from my in flight meal for later.

I brought snacks from home (when the 3am snackies hit at 3am in a hotel room).


Bandster said...

One good thing about flying is that you get sick bags. . . helpful for pbing