Sunday, September 13, 2009

Good Morning Sundays!

Just a quickie today... went to my favourite greek restaurant last night and the food as always was amazing. My band behaved itself.. perhaps a little too much and I was able to eat all of the food we ordered without any trouble.

This weeks goals:
1. Exercise 5 times
2. Drink at least 1 x 1.25 L bottle of water at work each day
3. Protein Shakes for Breakky on work days.
4. Dinners will be protein veg combos and I WILL stop when I'm full.

Hope you're enjoying my tweets too... I'm getting the hang of this twitter thing!

LBG xx


The Dash! said...

Always good to have a weekly goal list set - must get onto that also! Yum... Greek food. Hope you had a nice time :)

Adam Yarbrough said...

Great idea to put your goals out there for all to see.

Monday's always the big hump to get over. Stick with it!