Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sis knows!

When we went I met my family for brunch on Sunday, me and lil sis had a quiet chat about it. I basically said "Have you talked to Tony yet?" and she said "What about?" and I said, "You know.." and she said "Yes".

We had a few words about it at Mum and Dad's. She even felt my port. She has not told a single soul, and I am so pleased. She said she had her own thoughts about me not telling the family and she understands why... Sis wants to come over to my place in the next couple of weeks to talk more about it. But for now, I'm real proud of how professionally and maturely she has taken it! I underestimated her! I'll keep you posted on what happens :)

On another note - a few comments have come through on my blog commenting on the amount of exercise I do. I truely don't do all that much - maybe 45 mins - 1 hour - 5 days a week... I do Spin twice a week, Cardio a couple of times and Pump class maybe one or two times a week. I wish I had time to do more! Like do a full hour of cardio and then an hour of upper or lower body weights. Or have the time to do a double class which I sometimes do on Saturday (as I have the time!!). I like spin because in 45 mins I burn 500 cals and I know that it's intense exercise in a short period of time. I like pump because I workout every part of my body with weights for an hour.

Perfect restriction at the moment - loving that I can eat most things and be full after half a sandwich chock full of salad greens and protein. Or some protein and loads of vege for dinner, feeling full and not going back in search of more food in the evening... or not enjoying my food because it's too hard to eat.

Doctors appointment on Monday for bloods and then back to fill doctor on September 4th for checkup.

Have a good day!

LBG xx


The Dash! said...

That comment about the amount of exercise you do? I know I'm one of the guilty ones lol. When I mentioned it in the past it's not so much how MUCH you do, (I am just in awe - believe me here) but more how dedicated you are to do it every day, five days straight. Not many people are that dedicated. I hope my comments in the past didn't come off as anything other than I think you're amazing that you stick with it!!

Bridget said...

LMAO! Oh yeah, JUST an hour, 5 days a week. I really honestly admire you. I'm hoping to get there....30 mins, 5 days a week is kicking my arse atm!!
I am so so so happy that it worked out with your sister! :0)
Thanks for the feedback on my blog. Taking it onboard!

Lapband Tucson said...

Congratulations on all your success. Keep up the great work with exercising!

From Fat to Fit said...

I haven't shared about my band with most of my family either. It causes me a tiny bit of anxiety, but if they handle it as great as your sister did, I might be up to sharing. :)