Thursday, August 27, 2009

Back to Pump!

So this week is my first week back at Pump class (weight training class) since I broke my wrist. I am possibly on the lightest weights ever pumped in the history of pump, but omfg I am sore as fuck! My wrist held up against the different exercises - sorest most during the chest and bicep track. I Pumped on Monday and again today - I managed to push through the aches in my legs and chest and get to the gym for 50 mins cardio both Tuesday and Wednesday - and I honestly think that because I kept on moving and exercising when I really wanted to be in bed that my legs recovered more quickly and I was able to do pump this morning..

Finally feel like I'm back on the bandwagon with my exercise! My eating on the other hand has left alot to be desired. I had alot of rice yesterday evening for dinner... I felt like I needed a massive carb hit, was so so fatigued! I'm feeling it today though - very bloated! I definitely ate more than I should be eating for a bandit.. yet when I eat veges and fruit I feel the restriction quite quickly, which makes me think that I've got a good fill level in at the moment. I'll chat with Mr Fill doctor next week about it and see what he thinks.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great Thursday... one more day until the weekend!!

LBG xx

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