Sunday, August 16, 2009

Exercise - Just Do It!

That's going to be my mantra for this week. Now that the cast is off my arm and I'm feeling stronger again, I've got to start getting back to the gym and getting back to that level of fitness I was at before I broke my wrist.

Unfortunately, love it or hate it, exercise is just one of those things that you have to do for weight loss. Sometimes I love it, and some times I despise it. Yet I know that at the end of each exercise session I feel fan-fucking-tastic! My back hurts less, I sleep better, my skin is clearer, I have more energy and I feel more alert and awake during the day.

So this week I'm going to do exercise every day. I'm going to go back to Pump tomorrow morning (Monday) which should be interesting considering my wrist is still a little weak - I'm going to start on the lowest possible weights and see how I go. Tuesday and Thursday will be Spin Classes at 6:15am, Wednesday and Friday will be an afternoon cardio / weights session, Saturday will be my usual Spin/Pump combo and Sunday I'm going for a bike ride!

Went for a barium swallow on Friday - that was interesting. I got to see what the band did inside me. I'd never actually seen it before. It was COOL! The radiologist said that it looks to be working fine and not stretched or dialated, which I had feared considering my reflux prob I had. Doctors appointment for bloods on 31st August and then surgeon/fill doctor appointment on 4th September. I'm thinking I might need a touch of fill in... I'm feeling hungry between meals and I'm getting stomach growls occasionally. However, I do love the fact that I can eat veges and fruit so I'm in two minds at the moment..

Battery on the scales is out at the moment, so can't weigh myself... not sure if that's a good thing!!

Have a great Sunday!

LBG xx

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Bridget said...

I was going to get some fill in, but now I can eat fruit and veg for the first time in ages so I'm going to leave it for awhile and enjoy eating them and see how I go!
I'm also starting back at the gym this week. I'm actually excited!!