Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lovely weekend!

I had a really nice weekend this one just passed. Saturday was a lovely sleep in, breakfast with hubby (1 boiled egg and 1 slice of toast). Then we went off for a 2 hour bike ride and got home at around 2:30pm.. Lunch was a toasted tuna, onion, tomato, mayo and cheese sandwich - I just ate the insides of them and left the crusts. And then a lovely evening at home, snuggling on the couch with Hubby. Dinner was a mini quiche and a tablespoon of veges.

Sunday was Mother's Day. KLM, myself and her mate RR went on the 8km mother's day classic fun walk. I must admit, I was busting to get a jog in, but ended up walking to whole way because KLM had a stitch! *lol* I think next year I might just do it by myself, get my Ipod and try and jog as much as possible of it. There was one larger lady that was jogging/walking with her 2 sons (I think they were her sons), you could hear her breathing really hard as she overtook us, but then we soon caught up to her as she had to slow down for a walk... she worked so freaking hard, and I was truely impressed!

Dinner was at Mum and Dad's. Bangers and Mash with Yorkshire pudding. Actually, my sister commented to me that for the longest time she thought I had a lapband... I nearly choked on my food. I quickly rebutted that I had a wedding to lose weight for and that I needed to do something drastic like cut my portions down and now I'm used to eating like this... crisis averted!!! However, after having a big bowl of chicken and vege soup for lunch and it going down like a dream, I was exceptionally tight for dinner and even though I chewed and chewed and chewed, and just ate the mash potato and some soft carrot with gravy, I was in the bathroom soon afterwards...

Weigh-in this weekend saw me at 90.2kg. A drop of 200g from last week. Not bad, but not good either... but it's still a loss!! :) Hopefully I'll be back in the 80's for next weigh-in.

Off to Brisbane tomorrow for work, back on Thursday evening. Visiting a bandit friend while I'm up there... am planning to take a protein shake tetra pack for breakky and a few snacks for during the day...

Right now I'm tight as a cats bum! I'm trying to drink some coffee and it's not doing much other than gurgling in my chest... yet yesterday for lunch I had the most scrumptious of salads with tomato, cucumber, fetta, baby spinach, mixed lettuce, ham, olive oil and freshly squeezed lemon juice... how crazy is that... one day I'm doing well with foods, the next I can barely get liquids down?!?!

And finally exercise has been great! This week my plans are:

Monday: Pump 6am - Done!
Tuesday: Spin 6:15am - Done!
Wednesday: Boxing 6am
Thursday: Rest (Brisbane)
Friday: Pump 5:30pm
Saturday: Spin 8:30am
Sunday: Cardio Session pm or a rest day as I'll be heading back from Canberra that day..

Have a great week!

LBG xx


brent said...

Danger Will Robinson.

Yeah. See. Now you're into lying-to-your-family territory. You need to tell them.

Did she sound derogatory?

There's a difference between wanting to do it on your own, and not letting your family help you. I think they'll feel disappointed that you didn't trust them enough, and by the sounds of it they already basically know.

klm said...

You need to defintiely do the run next year and not have me hold you back! *LOL*

Actually, I'm going to do the 9km Bridge Run in September. You should sign up too as it's good fun and a lovely day. You'll nail it. :-)

klm.. xo

Anonymous said...

As you know I can completely understand the feeling fine one day and ridiculously tight the next. No idea what that's about (other than at TTOM). I'm loving keeping food down but wish the scales were still going down!

Your exercise is amazing. Getting up at 5.30 would be hard enough for me without throwing in the pump class!

Anonymous said...

first time reader, i don't want to sound critical but why did you have to mention the bigger lady running and her obvious hard breathing etc, it's a backhanded compliment and completely unnecessary. i understand this is your blog etc but it sounds really judgemental and to be honest, the same could be said for you - could you run 8kms? as i said, i don't want to offend just point out that it's not necessary to degrade others to make yourself appear better even if you think you're actually complimenting them on how hard they are working...

Nola said...

I kind of agree with Brent. But I don't know the whole story.....so your call.
You are doing so well....I am cheering you into the 80's!!