Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Conferences and the Band don't mix

I hate going to conferences... the food they have there is plentiful and amazing. Yesterday I was at a one day conference. I did a spin class in the morning, drank a protein shake on the train at around 7:30am... Conference started at 9am and morning tea wasn't until 11:15am. By that time I was hungry. There were mini quiches on offer, so I had one... but because I was hungry, my bite was too big, I didn't take the time to chew and it ended up in the toilet bowl. This PB made me a little sore and so I knew I had to be careful with my food intake. Lunch was an amazing buffet... but since I knew I'd have troubles with my band I stuck to rice and butter chicken sauce.. slippery and wet. No good... that ended up in the toilet also. I gave up on Lunch and had a cup of tea. Mid afternoon was just another cup of tea as muffins were the only thing on offer... I even had to skip out on our conference dinner and fake a headache because I couldn't be bothered trying to explain to people that I wasn't hungry and them asking me question after question. Even at lunch today I had one person comment that I was a "sparce eater". Drives me nuts! Why don't people comment on those people who eat TOO MUCH food. Like is it that weird that my portions resemble that of a 2 year old child? Maybe to the average person it does, but to me it's totally normal now.. very very frustrating!!!
So instead of dinner I made myself a strawberry milkshake with ice cream and had that instead.

I got a comment from KLM today saying that I looked like i'd lost more weight. Thanks buddy! However, I have not... I'm doing a crap load of exercise, started back on the weights.. but my weight is at 90.1kg.. I'm starting to think that maybe it's something else that is holding back my weight loss... so I'm having some blood tests done and will discuss these with my doctor in July. My mother had an inactive thyroid, and that's genetic.. so I'm starting to think that maybe it could be something like that where my Thyroid has packed it in and that's why my metabolism isn't as fired up as it should be. I mean, you should see me at the gym - I'm not one of these people who walk on the treadmill for half an hour reading a magazine... I go there and I sweat for 45-60mins and burn 500-700cals per session. I just think I should be seeing more results than what is happening to me now...

So I'm going to give it a good go with my exercise until my next appointment, keep tracking my food intake and go to the doctor with this information and see what else can be done..

Have a great hump day!

LBG xx

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klm said...

Hell yeah you work hard at the gym - you're fitness levels are amazing and would put most people to shame! I reckon if you were doing your measurements though, you'd notice a loss in them over the last few weeks. Are your clothes fitting any better?

klm.. xo