Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It's way to early for this!

It should be illegal to catch a flight before 9am. Seriously.. I was up at 4:30am this morning... I was in bed by 9:30pm so I did get a good 7 hours shut eye, but nobody should have to get up at that time... nobody!

Down in Adelaide today. Only a quick day trip... I have to really prepare when I travel. I've got some yoghurt, pureed fruit, le snack and up and go in my bag so that at least I have something that I can eat during the day. I never know where my meals are going to come from, or what they're going to have in them... so I'd prefer to eat what I know is safe, rather than having to worry about where the nearest loo is or being stuck in a window seat and having to climb over 2 other people also eating breakfast to get to the loo in time. I've got travelling domestic down to a fine art when it comes to food... people think I'm weird that I eat my own food when I travel.. ah well.

Thanks for my birthday wishes! I had a lovely day yesterday.

LBG xx


Janine said...

Good for you organising all your own food for travelling. I am so glad you had a good day yesterday.

Diz said...

I think it's a smart move to have your own food with you. Planning is what makes you successful. You Rock Girl!

GF said...

That is such a good thing that you're able to manage your own food while you travel. Enjoy what little time you're away!

www.fatgirlslim.com.au said...

Flying is something that I am worried about with the band. We travel o/s a lot - and I have heard it can be a little funny... oh well.. I guess we'll see.

Hope you had a good day yesterday - and enjoy freezing cold Adelaide today :)

L x

Anonymous said...

Geez. First you can't eat cake on your birthday and now you have to go to Adelaide! What a terrible week for you! hahah just jokes Adelaide fans!

Bridget said...

Late Happy Birthday!! So sorry I missed it.... laptop broke!!!
Hope it was a lovely day!!

mjwdec73 said...

I'm like you - have to pack my own food when I do the work trips - otherwise I'm the cranky person who ends up in the loo. Nice.

And I so oppose early morning flights. Evil

jrzylioness said...

i'm new to your blog but we have lots in common! happy belated birthday to you!

Nola said...

Happy belated birthday from me too!! I admire you being so organised and taking your own food on flights.