Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Waiting ... waiting...

I'm waiting to hear if I got this job I applied for... and it's driving me nuts! I'm away at the moment in Adelaide and I'm not eating well because I am a little stressed about the whole thing. Hopefully I'll find out either today or tomorrow about whether or not I was successful! I have been asked to give my references and complete some online psycho-metric testing so hopefully that's a good sign!!! :)

I'm actually sitting here eating an apple (with the skin) which is very very exciting for me! This morning I could barely get down half a small glass of smoothie and a couple of mouthfuls of coffee! I got myself a tablespoon of yoghurt but didn't end up touching that!! Strange because the night before I was able to eat indian with rice... a small amount mind you... but it still went down OK! I'll probably only get through half of the apple now but at least I'm eating it, feeling full and not wanting to expel any of it, which is fab..

It still kills me that my band is so unpredictable... 2 years on and I am still going through the rollercoaster of maybe today I'll be able to eat it, and then maybe today I'll be too tight.. I think it really does come down to the fact that I have kept quiet about my band. The fact that not many people know means that I more often than not have to rush through lunch, or make excuses for myself (heartburn and indigestion has been the latest one!!).. When I'm with hubby or by myself I eat well and don't PB. Last night I ordered risotto and didn't do too well with my colleague eating with me, so I got most of it take away and made an excuse that the wine was giving me indigestion. Went back to my hotel room and enjoyed a few more mouthfuls in the comfort of my own room and it went down fine... not sure how I'm going to address this other than letting people know about the band... thoughts peoples?

I will get around to catching up on ALL of your blogs I promise.. Things have been hectic at the moment...

Love love

LBG xx


Bridget said...

Other than telling them I don't know what to suggest- unless you maybe say you have some sort of stomach issue that makes you eat super slow? I know you are really private about your band. I really couldnt care less who knows. If they've got issues with it, its their shit to deal with not mine.
Thanks for the comment you left on my blog. I was stoked you said that- you're my inspiration :0)

Cat McKenzie said...

I guess, that's the decision you have to make. Personally, I have told everyone in my life and have had nothing but positive affirmation and support.

I will also sometimes tell people I have to share a one-on-one meal with, such as a work colleague; but not always. Sometimes when I think my band is being unpredictable, I'll just order soup. It's boring, I know, but it will always go down okay and I won't look like I'm having nothing.

Good luck with the job and good luck with whatever you decide to do.


mjwdec73 said...

I think the others are right - it is up to you who you tell and who you don't.

It all comes down to what makes you happy and your quality of life.

Stomach issues might be your best bet though.