Sunday, February 1, 2009

Taipei here I come!

I'm currently sitting at a computer at the business class lounge just chilling before my flight boards. Off to Taipei, will be there at around 11pm tonight (or 8pm local time), so it's going to be a long freaking day! Checked in this morning only to find out that I was the lucky person to get the seat with a "fuzzy" personal TV. FUCKING AWESOME! If someone else doesn't board the plane, I get their seat.. but if it's a full flight, then I get 9 hours of BOARDOM ahead of me. Thank goodness I have a thick book to read and my computer... looks like I might do some work on the plane after all!! Can't say I'm impressed.. this flight is costing my work over $7000 and I'm flying business class... I should ask for an upgrade to First!! hehehehehe might just try that eh?

Other than that, band has been fairly tight. I PB'd an up and go yesterday, but then 2 hours later cheese and rice crackers when down OK. Dinner not so great - had a BBQ with steak. Nice steak, so tasty... but no matter how small my bites were, it didn't matter.. I did a spin class in the morning so burnt 650 cals. Go me!

I have around 20 sachets of celebrity slim in my bag.. planning to have them for breakfast most days while I am away... and for any days that I'm feeling a bit tight and couldn't be bothered eating..

Definitely going to miss my husband. This is the longest we have been away from each other in 6.5 years! The days will be OK, it will be the nights and weekends that will be the hardest.. especially cos we love seeing new things together.. it will get quite lonely I think.

OK, I'm off to google what to do while I'm staying in Seoul. Will check in soon and let you know what's happening in my world..

LBG xx

2 comments: said...

Seoul is my playground... teehee...

You can...

- Visit Lotte World
- Visit one of the MANY HUGE department stores (Lotte is amazing)
- Eat at Saboten in Youido and go for a walk through the park sipping a starbucks iced caramel machiatto with skinny milk :)
- Visit the US army district (and intl shopping hub) of "Itaewon"
- Go to Namdaemun Markets... one of the biggest markets in Seoul.
- Visit Gyongbukgung Palace... it's amazing
- Go and see the Korean Folk Village... but you'd wanna be into Korean culture for that!!!

L x

Diz said...

Wow!!! Sounds like an amazing trip. I can't wait to hear the details and your food options. Let me know if you got upgraded. That would be nice.