Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Still waiting!!

Looks like I might not get this job after all. I've just been told that an internal applicant has had a late entry and they made it to second interview. I have submitted my information for reference checks and done the online psychometric exam, but now I'm not so sure... People have told me that if you get to this stage that you pretty much have the job, but with this updated information, I can't be too sure.

I didn't get to 2nd interview round for another job, and am still waiting to hear if I got to 2nd interview round for a 3rd job I applied for. I've also submitted my CV for another job, so waiting to hear if I got to the interview stage. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Haven't been exercising as much as I should be at the moment. Most of that is due to travel. I went to boxing this morning.. love love loved it! Tomorrow morning I'm going to get to spin and Friday I'm going to do a morning cardio session at the gym before work. Saturday will be morning spin and Sunday I'm going road biking with a couple of friends which should be GREAT! Looking forward to that.

Cross your fingers for me everyone!!!

LBG xx


Nola said...

You will get one of the jobs....I can feel it in me waters!!!

Cat McKenzie said...

Consider them crossed. At least no one can say you haven't put yourself out there. And good on you on the exercise front.


mjwdec73 said...

You know I have everything crossed for you - and I'll keep it that way :)