Sunday, February 8, 2009

Next Stop - Seoul, Korea!

Off to Seoul, Korea this afternoon. Leaving after my pretty shite week in Taipei. Well, it wasn't all bad... apart from being made redundant I had a smashing time! :)

Thanks to everyone who has left comments of support on my blog. It means so much to get such kind messages when I am so far away from friends and family.

Band was kinder to me yesterday. I had breakfast at around 10:30-11am which consisted mainly of Congee (Japanese rice porridge) and a chinese bread stick, and then didn't eat again until about 5pm where I managed 2 small cream cakes. OMG, the cakes here are like eating air.. so delicious, so easy to eat and the cream is that real sweetened cream that is sooooooo good.

For dinner I ordered a lasagne and salad because I was craving something "normal" to eat.. I am definitely getting over the asian cuisine very very quickly. I think it's because I am limited to eating only a few different types of dishes... Anyhoo, the lasagne was beautifully cooked, and I managed to eat all of it! It was a fairly small portion, as far as portions go... but for a bandit, it was definitely a large portion. I ate slowly and carefully and it went down a treat. I even managed to get some bread and butter in as well!

My flight leaves at 5:40pm, so I'm heading off for the airport this afternoon. I am looking forward to going to Seoul. I have never been before and the experience that I will gain professionally from this trip will look fabulous on my CV. But, after some interesting advice from a couple of my managers, they have encouraged me not to work as hard as I normally do, and to basically do the minimum amount of work. I.e. Don't go above and beyond... I may just take their advice on board!

Time to pack!

LBG xx

P.S. My retain therapy consisted of a new $300 guess handbag and some make-up!! I felt Soooooooo much better! :)

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mjwdec73 said...

I love that you have managed to find something positive from this time - I'm so glad you will get something good for your resume.

Fabulous advice from your managers. I wonder how you went taking it.