Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Travels in Taiwan

Have been in Taiwan just over 3 days now. I am currently in the south of Taiwan in a city called Kaohsiung. I have had a simply attrocious time with my food at the moment. Mostly because I have had all my meals with other people and they have been where I haven't been able to take my time with eating, or the food types aren't band friendly and I haven't had a choice but to eat them.

Breakfast: I meet my colleagues for breakky in the hotel. Luckily I have a celebrity slim shake in the morning before breakfast so I know I'm getting something down. The breakfast is both western and asian. I am loving congee at the moment as it is like a savory rice porridge.

Lunch: has been a freaking nightmare. We visited this resteraunt where the menu is only in chinese, so I have to ask my colleagues what there is to choose from. I thought I would try some hot pot dish so that I could have the soup part of. What came out was a bandits worst nightmare. The soup was filled with vegetables and there was a plate with MORE vegetables to cook in the soup. Luckily there was a normal western "soup" choice, although the waitress thought it was funny that I was ordering just soup without a salad, rice and a main course. My colleauges also commented on how little I was eating. I tried to explain that I prefer to have smaller meals more often throughout the day.

Dinner has been a mixed bag. I went out for dinner with some colleagues last night. Japanese. It was all small portions of food, but around 10 courses! So I was trying little bits of every dish so that I could eat all dishes. Some of them were OK to eat, like this egg soup, or the miso soup, or the soft shelled crab.. but there was seafood and beef and eggplant, all of which I love, but not so band friendly. So I was eating very very small mouthfuls and again, people were commenting on how little I was eating. I gave the excuse that because my body was still on Sydney time that I was not hungry because it was 11pm at night back in Australia..

Right now I'm having a mushroom soup for dinner and a cheese plate with cheese and crackers. I am so glad I bought my celebrity slim shakes with me!! I am so over struggling to eat at each meal and I know that each time I PB that my stomach gets a bit swollen which makes eating even harder!!

Anyhoo.. back to Taipei tomorrow and then it's off to Seoul on Sunday for 2 weeks.

Speak soon!

LBG xx


brent said...


the one time i've been OS for work they had me full up to my eyeballs by them time i'd finished intorducing myself!! the food!!

they like to see foriegners eat!!

i didn't know that not eating was an option!

Bridget said...

Sheesh! Doesn't sound like fun at all!
Hope things get easier :0)

Nola said...

I am very happy for you that you thought to take your shakes with you!! sounds like you are managing Ok though....gets a bit dicky trying to explain your "lack" of eating though I guess!!