Monday, April 28, 2008

Start of Celebrity Slim

Just an update on the socializing situation that went down yesterday, I had a lovely big slice of cookies and cream cheese cake that probably had a gadzillion calories in it… Oh My Fucking GOD it was devine! I haven’t tasted anything so good in soooooooooooooooo long…. But… I only ate half of it! AND… I really struggled to get through that half. After I’d got through half I didn’t even want to look at it, and it started to make me feel ill. But it was so so so good!

Anyhoo, today I have started on my celebrity slim challenge… so far so good. I’ve been for a 45 minute treadmill session this morning and am looking forward to a spin session with a hard core trainer tonight. This guy does not stop for 45 mins… no, I mean he doesn’t have breaks in the music, it’s just one track or another… I’ve had a shake this morning (love choc-mint, it’s my fave) and I had a chicken soup for lunch which I can say is HEAPS better than the Opti-Crud soup I was drinking before the operation… I’ve had a handful of almonds mid morning and I’m just getting hungry now (it’s 3pm and I had the soup at 12:30pm). So I’m sipping on a can of sprite zero and trying to hold off having my yoghurt until just before I leave for my spin class so I have a little more energy. Tonight I’m going to have a beef rissole and a salad – although it’s going to be a mini mini portion.

Big Brother is starting tonight. I’m a bit excited because it’s going to be totally new. New hosts, Kyle and Jackie O and random constestants… bring on the bizarreness!

Have a good day!

LBG xx


mjwdec73 said...

mmmm ..... cheesecake. Yum. Love that band tells you enough is enough - how good is that feeling?

Spin looks challenging - we've got a woman who runs that class at my gym too - there are no breaks in the music anywhere - I'm sure they need to separately mop the floor after her classes. I'll do it one day though.

Yay for BB - but I forgot about it and only saw the end of it from the gym - oops!

Emma said...

I used to love spin classes. Feel that I need to lose a bit more weight before I get back on the bike this time though.

I only watched about 5mins of BB but was it my imagination or did Kyle look like he had a giant stick up his butt?