Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Morning and Night Differences

I was going to title this blog entry "tight in the morning, loose in the evening" but that doesn't sound too good does it! But it is true... I'm so freaking tight in the morning. I have my berocca when I wake up at around 6:30am... it's now 8:30am and I feel like it's just sitting there, slowly going through, but I have such a tightness in my chest that I wouldn't dream of having anything else to eat right now. Then I have an up-and-go at around 10am and that lasts me til around 1pm... then I have soup, which takes me aaaaaaaages to finish (if I don't need to visit the loo for a quick PB like yesterday). By the time dinner rocked round yesterday I was able to fit in a small bowl of chicken and vege brown rice risotto... or a small shepherds pie (on Sunday)... and eat it reasonably quickly (by reasonably quickly I mean within 30 mins) and then I'm hungry an hour later... OK, I know I'm now physically hungry, but I want something sweet...

Eating has definitely become more annoying than pleasureable... I just couldn't be bothered sometimes... and sometimes I get so hungry and I know that if I eat something relatively normal I'll probably PB it up that I turn to easy to eat foods like chocolates and chips.. although that is happening less and less...

OK, enough from me... have a good day!

LBG xx


Reney said...

Hello darlin'

Firstly I am sooo proud of you! you are doing magnificently well and you should be so proud of yourself.

Secondly, I have done a lot of research on this "tightness" in the morning (as I experience the exact same thing) and I have some hard facts for you.

Research indicates that if there is "tightness" or restriction first thing in the morning then what you need to do is SIP warm or boiled water before you attempt any other food or water.

The warm liquid actually relaxes the band and within 10 minutes you are feeling "peachy". try it and let me know how you go.

If I do not SIP warm water first thing in the morning then I am cactus the rest of the day.

Your number one fan!


mjwdec73 said...

I notice there is a big difference between my band tightness morning and night too - Reney's suggestion is great though - I'll keep that in mind.

How are you feeling overall?