Friday, April 25, 2008

Being Normal..

I have always considered myself "normal".. that is, my obesity never affected me. I met my fiance at 86kg... ballooned to +120kg with him and am now close to my weight I was when I first met him. He's loved me through the whole thing.. and that's one of the (many) reasons why I love him back. But enough about me... !! I watched "Big Medicine" on Foxtel Health and Lifestyle Channel today and there was one guy on there who at his heaviest was 1000lb or 454kg!!! He was so big, he had been confined to a bed for 7 years before he finally had his gastric bypass. He couldn't do anything for himself.. he couldn't even go to the toilet and wipe his ass by himself. I, thank goodness, have never ever been in a position where my obesity has affected living my life. This guy is now down to 560lb or 254kg and he is still unable to support his body weight on his legs because his muscles are so atrophied from being bedridden for so long. Today I want for a walk with my friend. We pounded the pavement for just over an hour and walked 7km. I felt great afterwards, and didn't even give a second thought about my legs, my movements or my body.

As mentioned, I am due for my surgeon's next visit on 6th May. I'm now down to 89.5kg (and that's just after a 5 hour plane flight where I retain fluid something shocking... so definitely on the downward slide at the moment!

In a good headspace right now! Hope all is well you and your Bands!

LBG xx

P.S If you're interested, I ended up having Sashimi for dinner on Wednesday night... no soup for me! It went down a treat and sooooooooooooooo soooooooo healthy! Bring on those Omega 3s!

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mjwdec73 said...

Wow - normal is great. Roll on May 6th - and bring on the sashimi!