Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Finally in control!

As you regulars know, I have had trouble with my food since my last fill in March. I think I might have finally got things under control... that and I think my band has loosened slightly. I'm able to eat smaller portions of "normal" foods. When I say normal I mean things that don't have the consistency of diarrhoea.. (sorry for the visual!!). Last night I went out for dinner and I had a small size (didn't even consider going regular!) of a lovely grilled atlantic salmon (one of the only protein foods that I feel comfortable eating at the moment), seved on a bed of sushi rice and greens. I had the whole piece of fish (was devine) 1 sushi roll which I ate with the fish, and not on its own.. and a couple of mouthfuls of this devine rocket, feta, pear and walnut salad. I felt great, full... not ready PB and really pleased with myself. I even skipped the bread platter they brought out at the start cos I knew it would be all over red rover for me if I attempted bread (as delish as it did look!)

Today for lunch I chose Risotto balls. There really wasn't anything else that I thought was really appropriate... If they had soup I would have had that... and I wasn't prepared to try a salad with only 30mins of eating time... although I was tempted - If it had been a longer lunch with time to mull over the salad and drink a glass of sav blanc then I may have considered. There were 4 of these risotto balls, probably each the size of a golf ball each with chicken and cheese inside. I had 2 over half an hour and was full, good full not bad full... and I knew that if I'd had any more then it would have been a disaster..

I am learning... it's only taken me 1 year and 2 months!! Tonight I'm going out for dinner with a friend, and I'm thinking Italian.. or Thai.. but I'm craving soup... like a hot laksa or hot and sour soup... no noodles, just cruchy veges that I'll probably PB up... Maybe a risotto.. but I don't like the carb overload at night... hrmmmm decisions decisions...

What do you have when you go out for a meal?? Does going out intimidate you? I think about going out for dinner for at least 1 hour, trying to figure out where to go and what to eat. If I'm going with other half then I usually just share his... EASY! But when I'm out by myself or with girl friends I always get the comment... you're not eating much these days... ARGH!

I have a Surgeons appointment on 6th May. I would love to be below 88.6kg as this would mean that I have lost 20kg since my surgery... that's 1.1kg to go in just under 2 weeks... definitely doable!

LBG xx


mjwdec73 said...

This post made me happy. It's so nice to hear you enjoying food again - albeit in small amounts.

At the moment when we eat out, thai is good for me, sushi, soup is always my friend, warm roast vegie salad with feta, warm meat salad's, chili con carne (entree size, and the restaurant knows me so well they let me take it home in a doggy bag with extra liquid so it reheats properly). Fish and vegies works for me too. I'm just eating enough to feel full and then stopping. If I leave food behind I'm fine about it now. It feels less weird every time I do it.

mjwdec73 said...

Oh, and under 88.6kg - definitely doable!

Jen said...

Great to hear you are now enjoying "normal" food again.

I had the dilemma of choosing what to eat on a first date recently! OMG was I stressed LOL. There wasn't a heck of a lot of choices that were suitable for me. I ended up going for a prawn caesar salad. Eaten very slowly, with glass of sav blanc!

Unfortunately the date was a dud...he gobbled his food down in 2 minutes flat, then left me alone at the table, still eating, while he went to the bathroom! This was the perfect opportunity for me to stack the lettuce and hide the croutons underneath, so it looked like I had eaten 2/3rds of the meal!

Funny now when I think about it, but eating out can be a challenge with people that don't know we are banded. Generally I eat half of a small serve and ask if I can take the rest home, but only when I'm with family or friends that know I am banded.

Sorry I raved on a bit there! You are doing great...under 90kgs is FANTASTIC!! Can't wait to get there one day!

All the best,