Thursday, October 15, 2009

So What's Next??

I saw my specialist today and was pleased with the session. With PCOS I have a strange FSH:LH ratio.. which is one of the symptoms. FSH and LH being two femal. The other symptom being irregular periods. Which I also have. I also had a glucose tolerance test which told me whether or not I am insulin resistant. Good news is that I have absolutely NORMAL GTT results, which means I am not at risk for diabetes. The other good news is that I potentially could have ovulated because my oestrogen levels were higher... actually at a level that meant I could have ovulated last week... YAY! So I had further blood tests done today to see what's happening with my hormone levels at this point in time to see if I've ovulated or not.

So where to now? Well, my specialist discussed ovarian stimulation - giving me medication (clomid) to stimulate ovulation and then having timed intercourse around the time of ovulation (hubby is pleased that we have to do the deed at least once every second day, but preferably every day around ovulation.. hehe). Then I have a blood test on day 21 to see what my hormone levels are like (to see if I've ovulated) and if I have, then it's fingers crossed to see if I'm pregnant... OR... if I haven't ovulated then the next cycle the clomid amount is increased... I will start my first cycle at the beginning of next month! :)

Seems simple right?

And on the lap band front, nothing much is happening. Bread is on the menu which is a no no, so I think when I go back to fill doctor I'm going to get more fill put in.. Am loving the extra veges and fruit and salad I'm getting in me, but I'm getting hungry in between meals... which isn't good. But I've almost had a mind switch where I want to eat well for a potential pregnancy... my specialist said that she didn't want me restricting my food intake too much... but I definitely still want to continue to try to lose weight in the meantime.

OK that's it from me for now... will keep you updated!

LBG xx


The Dash! said...

Still upbeat and positive, you are an amazing woman. Hope everything goes well!! x

Anonymous said...

Just the term "Stimulating your ovaries" make my insides feel icky! Glad its just medication though and not some vapid tool put up your neverminds :) hehehe

I'm sending all my positive "get knocked up" vibes your way.

Keep it up my little exercise machine online buddy!

Em :)